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The MTM Design Group, Inc. can provide all Architectural and Engineering Services

required to construct any wireless facility. With our backgrounds, we are able to

keep up with the technological and bureaucratic changes that can hinder many

firms less experienced in the fast paced and always evolving

wireless/telecommunications industry. The following list of services can be tailored to fit

your client or can be authorized on a site-to-site basis:


  • Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Surveying design as

          required for any type of wireless (exterior or in-building) or fiber fed site as

          well as non-wireless, traditional structures.

  • Fire Protection design

  • Zoning Investigations, Zoning Testimony and Photo Renderings

  • Landmarks and State Historic Preservation filing and investigations

  • Permit Filing

  • Environmental assessments and testing

  • Tower investigations and foundation design

  • Soils Investigations

  • Utility Company Coordination

  • Final Closeout inspections in accordance with local and state guidelines

  • Record Drawing development

  • Registered NYC Special Inspections Agency


The MTM Design Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing customer service at the

highest level possible. If you are looking for a firm that can handle your design

needs and want the customer service you demand of your vendors, contact the

MTM Design Group, Inc. We look forward to beginning a partnership to meet

your goals.



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